In order to meet the requirements for professional fire-fighter a special training system should be implemented.

The year 1974 was important for Training unit of fire-fighters, preparing the specialists – on August 17 it got a new building for studies and also fire station. In chair there was major S. Fedotov, but since 1984 – major A. Sharonov.

Since October 1, 1989 the Training unit was reformed into Training centre of department of Fire Service with lieutenant colonel A. Straume in chair.

With the time-being the necessity arose not only for common fire-fighters but also for professional specialists trained according to special programmes. Therefore on August 17, 1994 on the basis of Training centre the Fire Technical school of Fire Safety and Rescue Service was founded. The chief lieutenant colonel A. Straume passed over the chair to colonel G. Ivanov. The school functioned till March 31, 2002.

After the independence of Latvia was regained The Latvian Fire-fighting Service had to introduce reforms not only in drawing up and approving new documentation and in arranging the system but also in the training system there were drawn up new study programmes and acquired the global experience. It all showed that the existing training system in the field of fire-fighting also demands another direction which would meet the economic and governmental needs of Latvia. 

In this connection on April 1, 2002 on the basis of previously acting Fire Safety technical school there was founded Fire Safety and Civil Protection College. From August 1st till 2002 till 2004 the college was chaired by colonel V. Jemeljanov.

In the course of time the college was chaired also by directors – colonel N. Plegermanis (2005- 2007 and 2009 - 2011) and general J. Kisljak (2007-2009).

Each of directors has put in stake his vision about development of college, more new curricula have been implemented, accreditation has been passed, the library stock has been supplemented and the library has passed accreditation, the stock for provision of study process has been supplemented and updated and adequate academic staff has been recruited.